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2020 Agenda

Marine Creek Creative Writing Conference Agenda | February 29, 2020

8:15-9:15 Workshop Breakout Sessions (Choose one)

POETRY/SONG: Eric Stone, Words, Words, Words: How to Enjoy Reading and Writing Poems 

FICTION: Jessica S. Olson, Of Vaders and Voldemorts: Mastering the Art of the Villain

SOUND & SCREEN: Reese Pierce, Making a Scene: How to Construct Scenes Using Film Analysis 

PUBLISHING & MARKETING: Carroll Savant, “So I have this idea for a book”: Navigating the Mysteries of the Publishing World 

ALTERNATIVE GENRES (BLOGGING): Taylor Heaton, How To Run a Successful Blog 

CREATIVITY: Liz Bradley, Breaking Into Your Creativity 


9:30-10:30 Workshop Breakout Sessions (Choose one)

POETRY/SONG: Scott Heaton, How to Write Poetry Every Day 

FICTION: Luke Devlin, Writing Better Dialogue 

SOUND & SCREEN: Susie Ramone and Dustin Schneider, Podcasting 101

PUBLISHING & MARKETING: Yvonne Jocks, Different Paths to Publication 

ALTERNATIVE GENRES (CHILDREN’S LIT): Cristee Cook, The World Needs Your Story: How Your Unique Voice and Experiences Are the Key to Crafting Stories for Children 

CREATIVITY: Tia Cole, The Power In Your Story 


10:45-11:45 Workshop Breakout Sessions (Choose one)

POETRY/SONG: Adrian Cook, Mystic Rhythms: Lyrical Composition from Thought to Song 

FICTION: Rosie J. Pova, So You Want to Write for Children? Get the Scoop on the Craft and Business of Children’s Publishing (WTLO 2108)

SOUND & SCREEN: Johansen Quijano, Writing Video Games: Interactive Fiction

PUBLISHING & MARKETING: LC Barlow, From Self-Publishing to Traditional Publishing: Advice for the Authorpreneur 

ALTERNATIVE GENRES (TRUE CRIME): Erin Mahoney-Ross and Jared Ross, 10-4: Creating Realistic Portrayals of Police and Crime 

CREATIVITY: L. Diane Estes, The L Within: Writing from Deep Inside 

12:00-1:00 LUNCH AND KEYNOTE | There will be a keynote presentation by Rebecca Balcarcel, author of The Other Half of Happy. We hope to see you there!